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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

15. Swimming.

The current pulled me along the shore.
My wife and children sat on the beach.
I saw them grow smaller as I swam.
If they watched me I couldn't tell.
The sky lowered.

I bodysurfed a wave. 
Head resurfaced, I looked their way.
I drifted, their bodies and faces indistinct.
I did not wave, I was not drowning.
Sound was muted by waterfed ears.

I tried to swim against current
Back to where I entered the ocean.  
It has great force in it. I am
Suspended in unconscious will.
I am riding the thing of it it

Releases that was welcomed elsewhere.
My family is a blur of gray and blue
On a dull yellow strip.
They are beautiful and tiny.
My head is a dot.

14. Ends Up at the Rose Parade

The compass on the watch points north.
The watch on the tree branch says no.
The branch by the fountain shivers in rage,
or appears to. Rage arrives after years
of curt refusal. (Explanation hasn’t helped.)
Refusal of explanation is a shell you hear
the sea in. Seas in the eye are collapsed on
by the dome of heaven, located where the pick between
wind-up and soft thud points.
The point where the sea makes
inconstant whoosh. I wish
I completed that which I set out to
complete. We set out before first light
with the scent of coffee,
eggs in tinfoil, I half-asleep,
blanketed in the back of the wagon
my father or mother drove
toward Pasadena. All roads lead
to so much solid as dream.

Monday, March 2, 2015


We were driving down the 14 last night, just after departing from the 395, at the bottom of Owens Valley. My nephew said from the backseat, let's listen to that Strokes album, and we did. Four or five songs in, C said next time she has a dance party the Strokes are gonna be on the playlist.

12. St. Augustine

"I was unaware of the existence of another reality, that which truly is, and it was as if some sharp intelligence were persuading me to consent to the stupid deceivers when they asked me: 'Where does evil come from? and is God confined within a corporeal form? has he hair and nails? and can those be considered righteous who had several wives at the same time and killed people and offered animals in sacrifice?' In my ignorance I was disturbed by these questions, and while traveling away from the truth I thought I was going towards it. I did not know that evil has no existence except as a privation of good, down to that level which is altogether without being. How could I see this when for me 'to see' meant a physical act of looking with the eyes and of forming an image in the mind? I had not realized God is a Spirit, not a figure whose limbs have length and breadth and who has a mass. For mass is less in a part than in its whole, and if it is unlimited, is less in a part defined within a given space than in its unlimited extension. It is not everywhere entire as a Spirit and as God. Moreover, I was wholly ignorant of what it is in ourselves which gives us being, and how scripture is correct in saying that we are 'In God's Image.'"

[trans. Henry Chadwick]

11. Song 2

Also in progress. The first has all but the singing, the second has drums and piano.

Life is weird!

Friday, February 27, 2015

10. Sabots

9. Trade In

At the Maserati dealership, soccer plays
on the wall, children are offered keychains
with "Fiat" shields, the coffee's in a Keurig,
it's free, water's in the fridge.
The salesman's from Lithuania, the manager
was born in Newport, the loan officer relies
on a knee walker to move to his desk,
he checks his phone while pages reload.
A couple parks their Range Rover outside,
they walk in unsmiling, their age disparity
is not great, they said they'd e-mailed earlier,
they have the $90k car fired up, it's white.
Ronaldo scores a header, we wait for
the Toyota to clear, it was traded in
three weeks ago, the man shows us our
credit scores, he offers a warranty.
Jesus drove to the desert in an emptied
Suburu, Satan's enticements were boring,
the wild animals were immersed in deeds,
the angels, were they angels, rode in a bus.