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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Shining

142 min. Dir. Stanley Kubrick Rated R

Some movies immerse you in their consciousness, flooding your brain then leaving an oily residue of unpleasantness you can’t seem to wipe from your memory. Half of David Lynch has this quality, as do many of the cheap revenge-horror flicks from the ‘70s. And then there’s The Shining. You walk away from it carrying in your mind un-erasable images of The Woman in the Tub, The Twin Girls Hacked To Bits, and Jack’s Face Frozen in Ice. That ice serves as a good metaphor, for much of this story, about a man and his family caretaking a remote (and haunted) mountain hotel for the winter, is glacially paced. Things keep threatening to happen but don’t. Then they do, resolving with the increasing frequency of notes tying up a fugue. A really creepy fugue. (Wednesday—i.e., tonight!—at the Bay Theatre in Seal Beach.) // CHRIS DAVIDSON

[Published last week in the print edition of The District.]

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