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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Spy Who Loved Me

125 min. | Dir. Lewis Gilbert | Rated PG

Thirty-two years ago, the country suffered from massive economic uncertainty, tension with the Middle East, years of exhaustingly ugly politics, the aftermath of a seemingly pointless war, and a populace wracked by self-doubt. The producers of this movie knew exactly what people enduring such malaise needed: exotic locales; vehicles hurtling off cliffs; explosions, gadgets, and babes galore; disco; stilted, expository dialogue; shark tanks; jokes with punchlines broad as the desert horizon; a gigantic, oceanic villain's lair rising, Kraken-life, from the briny deep to eat unsuspecting submarines. And a henchman with metal teeth who bites people to death. (His name is Jaws.) Snooty know-it-alls will say Sean Connery was the real James Bond, or that Daniel Craig—in his broody, unsmiling seriousness—has returned the character to relevance. These same people like to slag Roger Moore’s 007 as a mere frivolity. My advice to you is to ignore the popinjays and head over to the Cinemark Wednesday for a sublimely frivolous evening. When it comes to having fun in bad times, the ‘00s could learn a thing or two from the ‘70s. (July 15th at the Cinemark 14) // CHRIS DAVIDSON

[Published July in The District.]

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