...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

S.P. Poem #28: Two Virgins

1. The virgin at the stream

Is doomed by the nouns

Describing her and her

Location. One of the gods

Will happen upon her,

As anyone could predict,

And will either chase her

Into leafy conversion or

Wrap her in a small, dark

Cloud and, after the job’s

Finished, whisk her, re-

Fashioned into a docile

Ruminant, to a high pasture

Where choice livestock

Graze under the gaze

Of a slow-witted, jealous,

And easily trickable giant.

A half-god will later be

Born to her and become

A hunter torn to bits by

His own hounds. 2. The virgin

In the woods is saved

By who and where she is,

The maniac having already

Dispatched, elaborately,

The goof-off, the doubter,

The investigator, the stud

And his chick (in the sack),

And the perverted, racist,

Cop, who says something

Bigoted before being

Garroted. Our girl,

Though, never runs out

Of luck (she’s got pluck!)

Until the sequel, when,

Pre-credits, she’ll get a

Knock on the door and

A whack to the neck

With a pick or an axe or

An arrow. But first, a close-up

And a gasp of recognition:

A vision has come to her:

She has seen into the future,

And it will come true.

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