...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Monday, March 1, 2010

S.P. Poem #37: Rincon del Mar means 'corner of the sea'

The swell today is sweet, bringing lines

past the point and into the cove.

Cars driven by surfers nearly crash

on the 101 as they slow. Around the bend,

unseeable from the road, is the rookery.

A baby sea lion barks near shore, tossed

to the rocks, lost or sick or too weak to jet

past the breakers. My son runs near

the edge of the bluff. Strangers look at me

when in a stern, too-loud voice, I say No!

Screw you. That’s my son and that’s my job.

I don’t say it out loud. It’s a beautiful day.

1 comment:

Jarrett said...

I don't think I understand poetry.
I like a good swell at the corner.
It's like a market full of goodies.
Goodies are best shared with friends.
Hope to see you soon friend.