...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Friday, March 14, 2014

10. "You say wispy I say abstract"

You say wispy I say abstract
You say senseless I say tactile deprivation
I say phantasmic impalpable finger blind
You say love is an idea not a reality
I say, too many thin mints?
You say, this makes me miss your class
Everyday for forty days, you say
Forgive, I say I say invisible to the touch
You say absent to the touch
I say intangible to the--You say
Brian already got intangible
I say whoops oops just realized
You: disembodied I: unhaptic
como: quijebo Yo todo: whaaattt?
You say pretentious hoo-haw
Jonathan, Jonathan, Betty, and Taylor
favor that assessment     Hedwynn, Frank,
and Karen ignore it altogether
Some say a gopher snake’s tongue you can see
Others say it’s too small to feel
Earth says numbing while moon says touchlucent
The teacher to the student slightly off
The student to the teacher poetic license
They all say, You are all so helpful!
Them say nothing but quietly approve the query
I’m tired I’m making some-
thing everyday cut me some
slack           thank you          You sigh You
say man, I wish

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