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Monday, March 31, 2014

27. Rear Window

Spoilers: In the climax, when Lars Torvald (villain) confronts Jeff (hero, though maybe creepy hero) in Jeff's apartment and then begins to shove Jeff out his 'rear window,' a series of shots shows the neighbors coming to see what the fuss is about. These inserts run in fast-motion, clearly to ramp up anxiety. Their neighborly curiosity, at a remove (they can't help the man hanging from the window, but they can rush to see him fall), accrues in a series of quicker-than-real turns of throwing open windows, rushing through gates, shifting a gaze toward the second floor across the way. The effect, of course, is made by slowing down the frame speed of the camera, and then playing it back at normal speed. Frames of action are in this way "skipped." Each insert shot is like (is it?) an example of parataxis.

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