...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Assignment 4 - Persona Poem


We say it’s going to get better.
We say that you are loved.
We say, we say that your transgressions 
     don’t shock us.
We say that it might not get better but 
     you are loved.
We say the end is inevitable.
We say the end is indelible. It’s written 
     in dew.
We say the broken feeling you feel is 
     something you feel.
We say the ways you’ve been misunderstood 
     we know, too.
They are inevitable. Hope if you can if 
     you are able.
We say when people lie they do so because 
     they are afraid of telling the truth.
We say they are afraid they won’t get what 
     they want.
They are venal but so often so are we.
We say what you did is in fact a big deal.
We say nevertheless that it doesn’t shock us, 
     that you’re still just a kid, and even if you 
     weren’t we’d still not be shocked. This world.
We say that we forgive you though the 
     system will not.
We say that we’d like the system to not be 
     so one-size-fits-all, but there are so many 
     of us and there is only so much time, and 
     what should we do, throw down everything 
     so that we can make the consequences 
     appropriate for each case?
We say that would take so much time and 
     energy and we’re so tired.
We say we’re so tired.
We say that you’re still alive but it’s no 
     life you’ll be leading.
We say we’re sorry. For everything.

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