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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poem Assignment 5 - Elegy or Ode

Poem Beginning w/ a Line from Wikipedia

"According to legend, Cassandra 
     was both beautiful and considered insane."
According to legend, Cassandra's 
     beauty attracted a god's attention.
According to legend, her insanity is a 
     consequence of this attention.
According to legend, the story happened 
     like this: 1. Apollo saw her, his lust aroused, 
     and offered her the gift of prophecy. 2. She 
     accepted but refused his advances. 3. He 
     therefore cursed her so that no one would 
     believe what she foretold. 4. She went insane. 
     5. We refer to this story as a grim warning 
     of something. In other words,
According to legend, beauty is a curse--unchosen 
     and, in the end, alienating. Thus,
According to legend, we should pity people 
     too beautiful to be believed. 

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