...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Friday, February 27, 2015

9. Trade In

At the Maserati dealership, soccer plays
on the wall, children are offered keychains
with "Fiat" shields, the coffee's in a Keurig,
it's free, water's in the fridge.
The salesman's from Lithuania, the manager
was born in Newport, the loan officer relies
on a knee walker to move to his desk,
he checks his phone while pages reload.
A couple parks their Range Rover outside,
they walk in unsmiling, their age disparity
is not great, they said they'd e-mailed earlier,
they have the $90k car fired up, it's white.
Ronaldo scores a header, we wait for
the Toyota to clear, it was traded in
three weeks ago, the man shows us our
credit scores, he offers a warranty.
Jesus drove to the desert in an emptied
Suburu, Satan's enticements were boring,
the wild animals were immersed in deeds,
the angels, were they angels, rode in a bus.

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