...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

36. "The Letter Killeth, but the Spirit Giveth Life"

E.g., the woman caught in adultery
the prodigal son
the brother of the prodigal son
the brother watching Sonny from the 
     window watching the street revival
     in "Sonny's Blues"
the father of the epileptic boy, who throws 
     himself in the fire
the epileptic boy
his sisters
the woman at the well
the thief on the cross
Magdalen at the tomb
the people walking on the road
the Ethiopian in the chariot
the Roman centurion sending for Peter
     after Peter saw the animals in the sheet
     descending from the sky
Hezekiah praying for the tribes who ate
     the Passover meal without being purified,
     saying, "May YHWH who is good pardon
     everyone who sets their heart on seeking
my sons forgiving me
the one time the older one did by
     touching my face
Scott Cairns' "The Spiteful Jesus"
John Berryman's "The Carpenter's Son"
Tom Waits's "Where the Train Goes Slow"
the last scene in Magnolia
the climactic scene in Sense and Sensibility
the blind man who sees people like trees
     walking around on his way to seeing
the woman who bled for twelve years
the man at the pool waiting for the water
     to be troubled by God
the ending of Flannery O'Connor's "Revelation"
sitting in a bar with a friend who confesses
     all because he trusts you to listen and love him
the voice in the whirlwind
morning coffee for recovering addicts
morning coffee
Transtromer's "The Scattered Congregation"
Jesus telling "the many" rebuking the loud blind man to knock it off

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