...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Monday, May 4, 2015

All you sad sacks

who sincerely wish to say what you mean and try to use language to do it despite all the ways it fails and will continue to fail: I salute you. All you who to justify yourself only to yourself give someone who is hungry money to buy food (despite the suspicion that that is not what will be bought) or give someone water to drink even if grudgingly: I'm following your example. Out of fear you said no to the thing you knew you should say no to instead of the better reason: because it was right to say no: You said no, nevertheless. Good job. You showed up to the thing where you knew someone might maybe expect you to be because you hate feeling guilty and you knew you would if you didn't show up. You showed up. You sighed repeatedly, loudly, while you waited but you waited and you knew you shouldn't sigh like that, that your face should be clear, pleasant, should put on a good show: Keep at it. Art without love is nothing. Smarts without love is nothing. Nothing. Not even wind.

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Thank you.