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Thursday, June 11, 2015

For a paper I'm writing

I'm putting down here, as in a notebook, this remarkable passage:
Cusa, in his book of 1453, had invited his monastic friends of the Tegernsee Abbey to look at a gaze that looks at everyone as if it were looking at no one else, and then to talk about what they could and could not see.

followed by this one:
How can we manage that with this Narcissism? . . . The monks are required to talk about what they don’t see. If they do that, they discover that the blind spot of their perception is no longer threatening. Because they talk at this moment about themselves, but in a divested manner, which means, on purpose, as Narcissus, but behind that very clearly recognizable as an individual person: embarrassing, shameless, the pure fear. That sounds simple, but it isn’t. The difference between seeing and talking marks the separating line at which the narcissistic trap cracks. You cannot believe what you see. That’s by far too incredible. Faith comes from hearing, says Paul. From hearing, from speaking (sprechen), and first of all from making a slip of the tongue / promising yourself (sich versprechen). No faith without practicing procedures of making a slip of tongue / promising yourself! I promise to you, that there is something to be heard at beyond the visible! But how do you make a slip / promise yourselves? I have to find that out by myself . . .

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