...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

26. Words

concrete patio glass door
concrete wall runs

perpendicular to the door
framed by the door

the top of the wall
perhaps three feet tall

makes horizontal vectors in
the bottom quarter of the picture

another line black and thick
is the bar to open the door

at the top a cover  
over the door (the door

is from outside in
an alcove) the same color

another line two feet
from the top

inches from the right edge
a vertical line

of bricks
means a wall

off the patio
frame within a frame

of roof of brick
of two parallel concrete lines 

of an intensity of leaves
branches and tangle of thin sticks

some splashes of
brown leaves in clusters

cascading but frozen
like a photograph a waterfall

with glimpses to trees beyond
it and shapes belonging to

cars in a lot 
the tree or trees

are framed i wish a painter
would paint that

a tree its leaves
swirling pulled down

in gravity a water fall
order many clean lines

so much is wild
the door is in a chapel

i'm on a pew
on the glass of the door is glass

reflected from the door opposite
rectangle of light within rectangle of light

'vault after vault opened endlessly'
i am trying

a green waterfall
an observation deck 

an invitation
come feel the spray

hear the rushing 
look over the edge

where water is pulled
an image a photograph

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