...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

41. Meant for Monday, Written on Tuesday

I meant to write this on the Monday
Of Holy Week. I meant to write a hymn,

Or a psalm, perhaps of thanks,
In the midst of displacement, as I had come

To work that morning to a new office
After fourteen years in the same office;

And now I had a window that opened
And I heard while I worked birds and trucks

And not the white noise of the sound
Dampener and A/C I'd grown used to;

I meant to write the day before yet more 
Hideous violence, widely reported, occurred

And more unreported hideous violence
Occurred; the day before a day I learned

I’d not get as much done as I objectively know 
I won't; and that

Whatever commitment to practice
I have I hope’s not worthless,

Is instead like what my son,
Who’s been studying weather

In his science class, yesterday said
Weather is caused by: Any little thing.   

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Sarah Louise Garrido said...

This is a perfect little piece of art.