...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

6. Cheap Shot

That would be a thing I said that hurt you
A thing I said that was unfair
That I knew was unfair
That I knew you knew was unfair
That anyone who knew us both would say is unfair
It would be true
That’s not the point
The point’s that its truth was something about you I’ve 
          acknowledged but looked past in the past 
Not this time
The something may have been nothing immoral or mean
It would have been human
It would have been something you had done
To me or not doesn’t matter
But it did happen
So it’s not its accuracy that’s unfair
It’s the context
The context in this case is my anger toward you
That’s what would make saying it a cheap shot
It’s cheap because it costs me nothing
It’s a shot because it would wound you
It would say aloud that I am able to wound you
That I’m the sort who would want to wound you
It would change everything
It would change nothing
It would remind you that I remember
That I don’t forgive and forget
That I don’t forget that sort of thing
That I won’t

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