...the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life...

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30. Cassettes

TDK or Maxell, can't recall which,
a ninety-minuter, on one side Pleased 

to Meet Me, on the other Our Beloved 
Revolutionary Sweetheart, dubbed 

from CDs, NR box unchecked, one read 
about in Rolling Stone, the other heard 

on the radio: "Alex Chilton," or "The Ledge."
I'd listen till a side ran out, fast-forward,

reverse it and listen till a side ran out.
Life's Rich Pageant and Green were

another pair on a C-90, another had all 
of Louder Than Bombs. Some of that

I'd F-F through, never the stretch from
"Stretch Out and Wait" to "Asleep."

Do you know there's a movie called
Louder Than Bombs, too? Probably

sucks, can't be better than driving to
Morro Bay, 88 89 or so, 

in my Toyota Tercel on lambskin seats 
singing please please please let me get 

what I want this time

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