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Thursday, June 22, 2017

[UPDATE] A review of James McMichael's most recent book of poems

In the just released issue of Christianity and Literature, I review James McMichael's excellent book If You Can Tell. (I'm not an unbiased reviewer. McMichael is a former teacher of mine and a friend.) You can click here to get the flavor of the review, although I don't think you can read the whole thing unless linked through an academic portal of some sort. One warning: The publisher messed up some of the typography of the passages from the book I quote. I think they're mostly correct, but there are still a couple of mistakes, despite a lengthy e-mail correspondence trying to fix the issue. This is too bad, since much of the poetry's effectiveness comes from the relationship between McMichael's line breaks and his plain-spoken yet complex sentences.

UPDATE 6/24: The electronic version of the article takes the line breaks out completely, so that the quoted passages from the book appear as prose. The PDF is probably better. Best, though, is to simply go and buy the book yourself.

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