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Monday, July 9, 2018

In the interest of broadening the conversation

Several conservative, gun-owning women talk about gun culture. Worth a read.


Sarah Louise Garrido said...

Appreciated, but isn't the common denominator fear? Of course, I have not been a victim of these types of violence, but it's hard to ignore the anxiety-ridden echo chamber of the right. I feel it in this article too.

[CMD] said...

Yeah, sure. I think, for example, that there's a lot in that comment the one woman makes about why, as a female, she feels the fear that makes her "need" a gun. She acknowledges that, but then she says that's for a different conversation. I don't think it is, actually. These things--the fear, real or, often, not AND the "sacrosanct" 2nd amendment--are, indeed, part of the same conversation.